Village of Glenwood


  • The 2017 Glenwood general Municipal Election official results are as follows:


    • Mayor Gerry Carter

    • Councilor Albert Elias
    • Councilor Barton Lybbert
    • Councilor Myron Lybbert
    • Deputy Mayor David Rolfson



The Village of Glenwood is a rural, family oriented community northwest of Cardston. Originally part of the great Cochrane Ranch, 640 acres were divided off to become the Village of Glenwood. The Town site was divided into blocks of 8 acres each, and building lots of one acre each with streets 8 rods wide running at right angles through the Town. When the Town blocks ended, ten acre lots were surveyed so that the Town residents could have a small pasture for a few cows.



Village of Glenwood

Incorporated in 1961.