Village of Glenwood

Development Permits

HERE Building permits are required by the Safety Codes Act of the Province of Alberta.  This legislation sets the minimum standards for construction and building safety for the province.

Development permit applications are evaluated in reference to the Glenwood Land Use Bylaw.

Permits are required for:

  • The erection or construction of any building, including modular homes
  • The demolition, alteration or addition to any building, including decks with elevation of more than 600mm (24 inches) above grade
  • The change of use of any building (example, retail to restaurant)
  • The installation of mechanical equipment, wood stoves, space heaters or fireplaces
  • Swimming pools and hot tubs with a depth of more than 600mm (24 inches)
  • Retaining walls with a height more than 900mm (36 inches)

You can find a Development Permit application - HERE

Click to see a list of issued Development Permits - HERE

To access all other permits required for building (Building, Electrical, Gas & Plumbing) please visit: