Village of Glenwood

Development Appeal Board

The purpose of the DAB is to hear appeals regarding decisions made by the Development Officer, Subdivision Authority, or the Municipal Planning Commission on development or subdivision applications.

Membership of the DAB consists of the two members of village Council, three members at large who are residents of the village, the village CAO, and a representative of the Oldman River Regional Services Commission (ORRSC).

When an appeal has been filed with the Development Appeal Board (DAB) through the village office, a hearing shall be scheduled and advertised to the public for the date and time.

Decisions or orders of the Development Officer or the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) regarding development applications and/or subdivision applications may be appealed to the DAB so long as the applicant is affected by a decision, development permit or order issued by the Development Officer or the MPC.

To appeal a subdivision denial the petitioner must be the denied applicant.  To appeal a subdivision approval the petitioner must be an immediately adjacent property owner.

To start an appeal to the DAB a letter stating the reason for the appeal must be filed with the village office within fourteen days after receipt of the written decision of the DAB.  The Board Secretary will arrange for a hearing, sending out a written notice of the hearing to the applicant, the appellant(s), as well as those within the immediate area.

Board decisions are issued in writing within 15 days after a hearing.

As the DAB is the final approving authority on development and subdivision appeals within the village of Glenwood, DAB decisions cannot be appealed.