Village of Glenwood

Internet, Phone, Television

With new wireless technology readily available there are many options for telephone, internet and television service providers.  Some of the options available are provided below.

To investigate further please click on the hyperlinked name or use the number provided to call:


CCI Wireless

Phone:  1-888-240-2224

Tough Country

Phone:  1-877-473-6787


Phone:  1-866-841-6001

Phone – Cell

Bell Mobility

Phone:  1-800-667-0123

Rogers Wireless

Phone:  1-855-291-9727

Telus Mobility

Phone:  1-866-558-2273

Phone – Landline


Phone:  1-888-472-2222


Phone:  1-888-811-2323

Satellite Television

Shaw Direct

Phone:  1-888-554-7827

Telus TV

Phone:  310-6988