Village of Glenwood

Community Profile

Located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, just off the historic “Blue Trail” south of Fort Macleod, this picturesque community of 287 enjoys some of the most magnificent views of southern Alberta’s Canadian Rocky Mountains.  Casual visitors stopping by for a double-scoop ice cream at the Pioneer Parlor might well consider Glenwood to be a place undisturbed by time.  Settled 100 years ago by Mormon settlers, many descendants of the original settlers still reside in Glenwood while others have moved to the area for its natural tranquility and the benefits of living in a small community.

Glenwood is near a geological landmark named the Glenwood Glacial Erratic.  This exotic boulder, placed by ancient glaciers from the northern Rocky Mountains, is 30 feet high and 250 feet long.

The steam plant on Main Street evaporates milk into powder for delivery to the world's hungry as food aid from Canada.