• The Glenwood Cemetery is located 1.5 kilometres north of Glenwood along Highway 810 and is open for members of all faiths.
  • Financial responsibility for the cemetery is divided equally between the Village and Cardston County.
  • Care and management of the cemetery is handled by the Cemetery Committee.
  • Fees and charges for the cemetery may be found on the Fees, Rates & Charges tab.
  • The cemetery is governed by the Cemetery Bylaw of Glenwood from which the below rules and regulations are quoted.

Rules & Regulations

  • No grave or plot in the cemetery shall hereafter be enclosed by any fence, rail, cement or concrete or metal wall or any other enclosure.
  • Any upright headstones installed will be at the discretion of the individuals. The Cemetery Committee absolves itself of any accidental damage to these headstones by authorized equipment digging other graves in the immediate area.
  • No trees, shrubs, plants or flowers shall be planted without the written consent of Cemetery committee. Artificial flowers will be allowed in the winter months. The Committee reserves the right to remove from any grave or plot any tree, branches or roots that may become detrimental, dangerous or unsightly. The Committee shall have authority and power to remove any monument, headstone, tomb or other structure of any kind whatsoever, or any inscription determined by the Committee to be improper or offensive to good taste and that any cost thereby incurred shall be a charge against the plot and shall be registered against the plot or grave effected and no burial shall thereafter be permitted in such plot until cost has been paid.
  • No heavily loaded conveyance shall be permitted to enter the cemetery at such time or times as the Committee thinks it might be injurious to the roads or paths.
  • Surface of plots or any portion thereof may not be raised above the ordinary surface level and no capping will be permitted. Anyone violating this regulation will be subject to the costs incurred of having this leveled – which expense shall be subject to the same rule as set out in Clause #2 above.
  • No disinterment shall be allowed in any plot or body removed therefrom without the written order of the Committee and no grave shall be opened by any person not on the Committee.
  • All graves shall be at least 5 ½ feet deep.
  • Pedestrians may have access to the public walks and grounds of the Cemetery any day from sunrise to sunset but must observe the following regulations:
  • No person with firearms shall be admitted within the cemetery except in the case of Military funerals.
  • All persons are prohibited from writing upon, defacing or injuring any headstones, monuments, raining fence or other structure, commit a nuisance or behave in any unseemly manner within the cemetery.
  • Any setting of headstones/permanent masonry work, or other improvements within the Cemetery shall contact any committee member prior to commencing the work.

If you have any questions about policies or rules governing the cemetery not covered above, please call the village office and we will help you through any concerns you may have.