RV Wastewater Dumpsite

The Glenwood RV Wastewater Dumpsite is located at 346 3rd Street North. The dumpsite is used for disposal of effluent and replenishing potable water. The dumpsite is seasonally operational from May 1st to September 30th. The dumpsite is provided as a free service by the Village of Glenwood; however donations are encouraged to keep it so.


The Glenwood sewage lagoon is located just southeast of the village. Sewage is treated here to mitigate environmental effect when discharged into the Glen Lateral twice a year. Treated lagoon water is tested by the Village to ensure Alberta Environment requirements have been met prior to discharge.

Please note that non-biodegradable items, such as sanitary napkins, heavy-gauge paper towels, and condoms; are not suitable for breakdown in the sewage lagoon.

Solid Waste – Garbage

The Glenwood/Hill Spring Garbage Transfer Station is located approximately 6.3kms from Glenwood on Highway 505 (between Glenwood and Hill Spring). The Transfer Station is operated by Cardston County, and governed under the Chief Mountain Regional Solid Waste Services Commission (CMRSWSC).

Hours of operation:
Wednesday 10am to 4:30pm
Saturday 9am to 4:30pm

Please note that the Transfer Station no longer accepts plastics for recycling.


Solid Waste – Recycling

Cans and plastic bottles which may be returned for refund may be placed inside the blue dumpster designated for recycling. The dumpster is located just outside the village maintenance yard main gate, immediately west of the Glenwood Community Hall on 1st Street North. These items donated to the village are used to fund our summer celebrations.

Electronics including old computers, servers, laptops, tablets, printers, speakers, monitors, keyboards, mice, cables, and televisions; may be placed inside the designated Electronics Collection Site area. The Electronics Collection Site is located just outside the village maintenance yard main gate, immediately west of the Glenwood Community Hall on 1st Street North.

Glass, paper, and cardboard recyclables may be brought to Pincher Creek recycling facility located at:
Pincher Creek
1038 Deer Ave, Pincher Creek, Alberta
Phone: 403-627-3262

Toxic Waste

Toxic waste cannot be taken to the recycling bin, the transfer station, or the landfill. Toxic waste includes things like paint, spray paint, oil, antifreeze, materials containing mercury, etc. These can be taken to the Waste & Recycling Centre at the Lethbridge Regional Landfill for proper disposal. For details on what is accepted at the Centre, you can visit https://lethbridge.ca or call 403-329-7367.