The 911 emergency telephone system is in place in Glenwood to assist citizens with POLICE, MEDICAL or FIRE emergencies.  It should be realized that non-emergency calls to the 911 system or any emergency phone number can create delays in handling other very serious emergencies that require immediate attention.

Do NOT hesitate to dial 911 in case of emergency.

If this is not an emergency you can contact the following organizations’ facilities.


Cardston County Emergency Services (Fire Department)
69 3A Avenue East, Cardston, Alberta
Phone:  403-653-1333


RCMP (Cardston detachment)
145 Main Street, Cardston, Alberta
Phone:  403-653-4931
Fax:  403-653-1720


Cardston Hospital
144 2nd Street West, Cardston, Alberta
Phone:  403-653-4411
Fax:  403-653-4399

Pincher Creek Hospital
1222 Bev McLaughlin Drive, Pincher Creek, Alberta
Phone:  403-627-1234
Fax:  403-627-5275